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Apply for Admission

Apply for Admission

Apply for Admission

We are so excited that you're interested in applying to BSC!

Applying to BSC is quick and easy! You can apply through the BSC Online Application, the Common Application, or the Paper Application. The BSC Application and Paper Application are always齐发88APP free and the Common Application fee is waived if you apply before November 15th. After November 15th, a non-refundable application fee of $50 is required for the Common Application.

  • Start your application to join BSC in 2020 by using our  or by using the .
  • If you have started a BSC application within the past two years, please fill out this instead of starting a new application
  • If you'd prefer to mail in your application, you can download our paper application and mail it to us.

If you are an international student, please visit our International Student Admission page.


    Admission Deadlines

    Admission Deadlines are as follows:

      Deadline Notification
    Nov. 1 Nov. 15
    Early Action Nov. 15 Dec. 15
    Regular Decision Feb. 1 Mar. 1
    Admission dependent upon availability after Feb. 1



    Application Process & Requirements


    The first step to applying is to complete an application form. This can be filled out online via our proprietary online application or the Common Application, or . If you use the BSC Online Application, you will be able to upload your resume and essay and send it electronically along with your application form.

    High School Transcript

    We require a high school transcript or self-reported grades from every applicant. An unofficial copy submitted through email or uploaded on your application portal will be accepted. You are also able to self-report your grades through an online form on that same portal. Upon enrollment, an official transcript confirming graduation date will be required.

    Official ACT or SAT Test Scores

    You are able to self-report your ACT or SAT test scores either through our application portal or by emailing copies to your admission counselor. We take your SAT or ACT scores into consideration when evaluating your application unless you submit a test-optional application.

    School Recommendation Letter

    BSC welcomes one letter of recommendation from a counselor, a teacher, coach or other school official or community member if you feel that it will enhance your application by helping our Admission Committee get to know you beyond what is revealed to us in other parts of your application. A recommendation letter is required for test optional candidates.


    齐发88APPAn interview with an admission staff member or BSC alumnus is required of test optional applicants. Students submitting test scores are also welcome to an interview if they feel it will enhance their application, but this is not required. During local, regional, and national travel, BSC admission representatives make time to meet 1:1 with prospective students. Interview availability will be posted as travel is coordinated throughout the year on our If we are unable to coordinate an in-person interview in your community, please reach out for the opportunity to interview on the phone, virtually through our video interview system, or while you’re on campus for a visit.


    齐发88APPA personal statement or essay of 250-500 words is required for test optional candidates, but optional for students submitting ACT or SAT test scores.  A personal essay can help our Admission Committee get to know you as a person and student, apart from courses, grades, test scores, and other objective data. It can also demonstrate your ability to organize your thoughts and express yourself. Feel free to choose from one of the following topics or create your own.

    1.   Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn't learn from reading your admissions application.
    2.   Tell us about a time that you experienced failure. What did you learn from this experience?
    3.   Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again?
    4.   Is there a time when you have been an agent of change or challenged the norm? What inspired you to act? If you had it to do it all over again, would you?
    齐发88APP5.   Tell us about a place, person, event or trip that is particularly meaningful to you.


    Resumes are not required but encouraged from every applicant as it gives students more flexibility to format extracurricular involvement in a way that can be more descriptive and cohesive than the application itself.

    Summary of Standard Application Requirements

    1.   High school transcript
    2.   ACT or SAT test scores
    3.   OPTIONAL - Essay or personal statement of 250-500 words
    4.   OPTIONAL - Interview with admission staff member or alumnus in person, on video, or by phone
    5.   OPTIONAL - Letter of Recommendation from school official, teacher, or community member

    Summary of Test Optional Requirements

    In an effort to help students define themselves apart from standardized test scores (SAT and ACT), the BSC Admission Office offers a test optional application process. Students can withhold standardized test scores and follow an admission completion path that REQUIRES the following:

    1.   High school transcript
    2.   Essay or personal statement of 250-500 words
    3.   Interview with admission staff member or alumnus in person, on video, or by phone
    齐发88APP4.   Letter of Recommendation from school official, teacher, or community member


    Forms and Helpful Links for Applicants

    We know filling out forms and applications can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible.

    If you still have questions about course requirements you may want to check out general education core requirements in the BSC College Catalog or course equivalents for Alabama community colleges. Or feel free to call us in admission at 205/226-4696 or e-mail us at [email protected]. We want to make this process easy for you!

    Financial Aid:

    Financial Aid Resources - More information on tuition, fees, and financial aid resources.

    Supplemental Forms:

    Enrollment Fee Confirmation Form - Complete and mail this PDF form after you make your online fee payment.
     - Use this secure option to pay enrollment or housing deposits online.
    Application for Readmission - Printable Form
    Transient Student Certification Form - Printable Form


    Confirmation of Enrollment Deposit Information

    齐发88APPThis deposit will confirm your enrollment at Birmingham-Southern College. Your enrollment confirmation will not be processed until we have received both the deposit payment and all confirmation forms. This deposit is non-refundable.

    Residential student payment: $300
    Commuter student payment: $200

     to enter our secure online payment site.