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100 Years on the Hilltop


“God created that hill for the site of a college.”

--Anson West, co-founder of Birmingham College


In the waning days of 1917, two Alabama Methodist colleges were struggling.

In the southern town of Greensboro, Southern University—still working to rebuild to its antebellum glory—was depleted as young men departed for the trenches of World War I. In the fast-growing city of Birmingham, Birmingham College, which opened in 1898 with four teachers and 77 students, faced the same problem. The Methodist conferences overseeing the schools had one solution: to merge the two schools. And thus, in the spring of 1918, Birmingham-Southern College was born.


A Memorable Merger

Throughout 2018 we will celebrate our 100 Years on the Hilltop as a combined institution. And we will look toward the future of what’s to come for BSC for the next 100 years. Join us and stay tuned for more.